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Winter Kit

The chemicals you need to winterize your swimming pool or spa

  • Winter Oxy Plus: Non-Chlorine Pool Oxidizing Shock
  • Sequestering Compound
  • Dry Granular Winterizer

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Winter Kit Options:

Treats up to 12,000 Gallons


  • 1 lb of Non-Chlorine Shock
  • 1 lb of Sequestrian
  • 1 lb of Granular Winterizer

Treats up to 24,000 Gallons


  • 2 lb of Non-Chlorine Shock
  • 1 lb of Sequestrian
  • 2 lb of Granular Winterizer

Chemical Type:

Pool Specialties

The Easiest Way to Winterize Your Pool!

Using the Blue-Tropic winter kit is the quickest and best way to get your pool prepped for the cold weather.