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Blue-Tropic 90

Chlorinating Tablets

  • For use in pools, spas, or hot tubs

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Active Ingredient:

99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione

Chemical Type:

Pool Sanitizer

Bucket Net Weight:

25 lb or 50 lb

Directions For Use

This product is intended for use in controlling bacteria and algae in swimming pools. This slow dissolving product is to be used in suitable chlorinating devices. 

  • DO NOT add directly to the swimming pool

Start Up

    • Before using this product, make sure that the filtration system is clean and operating properly
    • Adjust the pH of the water in the range of 7.2-7.6 using suitable products and a reliable test kit. Adjust the alkalinity of the water to be a minimum of 125 ppm (mg/L) based on the test kit reading

Shock Treatment

    • The pool water must be superchloinated or shocked every seven days or whenever the combined chlorine level is above 0.5 ppm (mg/L)
    • Combined chlorine is the difference between free and total chlorine
    • Add a sufficient amount of shock product directly to the surface of circulating water to raise the available chlorine level to 5-6 ppm, based on test kit readings
    • If the combined chlorine reading is not below 0.5 ppm and the water has been restored to its normal clarity, repeat the shock treatment described above
    • Do not enter water until free available chlorine reading is below 3 ppm, combined chlorine is below 0.5 ppm and the water is restored to its normal clarity

Maintenance Treatment

    • Add this product to the feeder
    • Adjust feeder to maintain the free available chlorinated level in the water at 1-3 ppm as indicated by test kit
    • Periodically refill feeding device with enough tablets to assure a constant treatment level of 1-3 ppm available chlorine
    • Weather and usage effect sanitizer levels
    • In addition, oils, lotions, fragrances, cleaners, etc may cause foaming of cloudy water as well as reduce efficiency of this prouduct
    • Maintain the ph at 7.2-7.6


    • Thoroughly clean and vacuum the pool
    • Empty the feeder of all tablets
    • While water is still clear and clean, add 16 oz of an appropriate shock product for each 10,000 gallons of water, while filtration system is running
    • This will increase the available chlorine by approximately 8 ppm.
    • Cover, pool, prepare heater, filter and heater components for winter by following manufacturer’s instructions

Spas and Hot Tubs

    • This product is intended for use in controlling bacteria in spas, hot tubs, Hubbard, immersion and hydrotherapy tanks
    • This product is highly effective in controlling and destroying algae in outdoor spas and hot tubs
    • This slow dissolving product is to be used in a suitable chlorinating device
    • DO NOT add directly to the spa water
    • Reentry into treated swimming pools is prohibited above levels of 3ppm chlorine