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Calcium Plus

Calcium Chloride

Increases calcium hardness level to help prevent corrosion

  • Low calcium hardness may result in etched plaster, corrosion of equipment and fixtures or may cause metallic stains.
  • For use in pools, spas, or hot tubs

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Active Ingredient:

Calcium Chloride

Chemical Type:

Pool Balancer

Bucket Net Weight:

8 lb or 25 lb

Directions For Use

Read entire label and use in accordance with precautionary statements and directions for use. Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with precautionary statements and directions for use.

  1. Do not add this product on the same day that either a pH increaser or an alkalinity increaser has been added to the pool water.
  2. Test water for hardness with test kit or strip.
  3. If calcium hardness is below 200 ppm, determine dosage of this product from table below. 1 lb. equals approximately 2.75 cups

  4. Broadcast product over entire pool surface while pump is running. Do not predissolve this product. Pool use may resume 15 minutes after product has fully dissolved.
  5. Retest the calcium hardness level after 24 hours and repeat treatment as needed until level is in the ideal range.