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pH Decreaser

Sodium Bisulfate

Decreases pH level of water to help prevent cloudy pool water!

  • Lowers pH and the total alkalinity of swimming pool water
  • Allow sanitizers to work effectively, prevent scale build-up on sensitive equipment, and reduce eye irritation and skin dryness.
  • For use in pools, spas, or hot tubs

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Active Ingredient:

Sodium Bisulfate

Chemical Type:

Pool Balancer

Bucket Net Weight:

12 lb or 25 lb

Directions For Use

Read entire label and use in accordance with precautionary statements and directions for use.  Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with precautionary statements and directions for use. 

How to Lower pH

Before Adding This Product To The Pool:

  1. Measure pH of the pool water with a reliable test kit or strip.
  2. Use table below to determine the correct dosage of this product to add to your pool. 1 lb. = approximately 1.5 cups.

How To Add This Product To The Pool:

  1. Ensure the circulation system is on and functioning.
  2. Broadcast this product evenly over the entire pool surface.
  3. Re-test water and add more product, if needed, after 4 hours.

CAUTION: Do not add this product into skimmer, near underwater lights, near metal ladders or near metal fixtures. Do not add water to this product, always add this product into water.

How to Lower Total Alkalinity

Always adjust total alkalinity first. Keep total alkalinity between 80-120 parts per million (ppm). Test total alkalinity with a reliable test kit or strip. If the total alkalinity is high:

  1. Add 2 lbs. of this product for each 10,000 gallons of pool water to lower alkalinity 10 ppm.
  2. Keep the circulation pump running.
  3. Add this product in one spot in the deepest area of the pool. Repeat procedure until desired total alkalinity is reached. Always wait at least 4 hours between treatments.